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Finding fashionable fits can be challenging for anyone. Still, it seems to be that much more challenging if you're shorter than average. While our height can affect our ability to feel comfortable and confident in clothes, at KIX, we celebrate diversity through all body shapes and sizes. No height? No worries! 

Here's our best wardrobe picks for shorter men, guaranteed to make you feel stylish, sophisticated, and ready to take on the world. 

Tailored or Slim-fitting Pants


The logic behind wearing slim pants is pretty simple - anything baggy or bulky can add extra width without any added height, leading to stumpy looking legs. If your legs are your best feature, tailoring your pants can mean spending some extra money on getting the fabric altered. However, this can be worth it for achieving that clean and streamlined leg look.

Some key tips: Fashion consultants always recommend trousers that sit higher on the hips rather than any low-rise pants as this works to accentuate the leg length better. Shorter male celebs like Tom Cruise, Jonah Hill, and Al Pacino also swear by dark skinny jeans as their favorite off-duty pant choice. These types of pants can help create longer, leaner legs.

Shirts With Vertical Lines


Vertical lines in clothing have long been a fashion favorite for creating added height. This is because vertical lines play a trick on our eyes, leading us to believe someone wearing vertical stripes is taller and slimmer than those wearing block colors or horizontal lines. 

Our eyes like to follow the lines down the body, so when someone is wearing a shirt with strong vertical lines from the shoulders to the waist, this can create the illusion of a longer torso. Wearing a bright colored stripy shirt can also signal to others that you're a confident, fun-loving individual and who wouldn't want that! 

Height-Boosting Elevator Insoles


Who says getting a boost in added height is only for females? A great way to elevate your height is via elevator shoe insoles, like our KIX heels, which easily slip into closed-toe shoes. KIX provides up to 3cm height increase subtly and discreetly, as traditional man-heel shoes can be very obvious. 

Choosing elevator shoe insoles like KIX can be switched between different everyday closed-toe shoes, including your favorite sneakers and boots. Got a date night tonight? Slip a pair of KIX into your dress shoes and strut out with confidence. The springy gel interior and sticky backing also provides comfort for your feet throughout the day or night. Bonus!

Cropped Jackets 


Large or oversized jackets can "swamp" your frame, making you look shorter and stumpier than usual. Understandably, it can be hard to find a coat that fits you in the colder months, especially when good outerwear becomes more of a necessity than a fashion choice. 

Opt for jackets or coats that are naturally cropped at or above the hip region. This allows some natural tailoring to occur without you getting it altered at the store. Cropped jackets also mean that more of your leg region is exposed, creating a streamlined look. It can also be useful to find snug-fitting outerwear. This can further highlight your figure without adding much bulk.

Neutral or Monochromatic Coloured Clothes

While we mentioned earlier that bright colored clothes signal your confidence to others, you can't go wrong with adding more monochromatic colored clothes to your wardrobe. Neutral toned clothes are classic in style and look great on almost all occasions.

Wearing neutral or monochromatic colored clothes can also help increase visual "cleanliness," making you look crisp and streamlined. Keeping the whole outfit monochromatic (i.e., darker colored, or one color in different tones) can make you look taller due to a phenomenon called "blended height." This is where the hues in the clothing pieces run up from your shoe to collar resulting in a taller appearance.

The Bottom Line

You're shorter, but this doesn't mean you're any less fashionable than your taller peers. Adding some height-friendly wardrobe picks can make you look longer, leaner, and, best of all, give you the confidence needed to conquer your goals. 

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