She's The First - Educating Girls Worldwide

"When a girl is educated, respected and heard, she is unstoppable"

 About She's The First

She’s the First is a global foundation that fights gender inequality through education, directly impacting over 11,000 girls, with a presence in 21 countries.

She's the First uses data to measure how the girls are developing over time, using such indicators as:

  • their changes in self-esteem
  • the extent to which girls have a voice in decision-making at the personal, family, and school/community level
  • whether girls’ access to education and life skills training classes is effective in providing her with more options in her life decisions

Why She's The First?

In many parts of the world, girls are treated as second-class citizens, with World Bank, UNICEF stating that:

  • 130 million girls are out of school
  • 1 girl under the age of 15 is married every 7 seconds
  • Girls are assigned chores 40% more than boys

At KIX, we are particularly excited about the Amplify Girl's Voices program, encouraging and normalising communities and environments where girls confidently speak their truth. Through our contributions, we hope to support the progression of female education and further the empowerment of girls around the world.

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Source: She's The First