Our Mission


KIX challenges the current norms around women's footwear and empowers women to forge their own path. We understand that height can be an area of insecurity for many, and yet the options for women struggling with this can be limited.

KIX allows you to customise any shoe style of your choice and offers an alternative to high heels for the modern woman.


We are in the business of women empowering women. Our mission as a female owned and led business, is to help empower women around the world. To help them achieve their goals, help them heal, and help them build a future.

We are committed to contributing 10% of our profits to the following women's support foundations -- Womanity, She's The First and Hagar. We will also be empowering you, as our KIX community, to have the option to select your foundation of choice at checkout.

Break tradition, and help women worldwide break free from their societal norms. Join the KIX movement and help reinvent the future today.